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Important Announcement for IBJJF competitors and your KNOXX Gi

Starting in 2024, IBJJF has implemented new regulations for gi uniforms in their competitions. While our white, royal blue, and black KNOXX gi were previously compliant, feather and lightweight gi will no longer be accepted for IBJJF competitions for both youth and adults.

The IBJJF now mandates gi fabric to weigh between 380 gsm and 650 gsm.

Additionally, a noteworthy rule change concerns the triangle patches touching the lapels. IBJJF prohibits labels or patches adjacent to the lapel from 2024 onwards.

For those wishing to use older gi models with the triangle patches, carefully unstitch and remove both patches without damaging the gi material or lapel to ensure compliance.

These regulations specifically pertain to IBJJF jiu-jitsu events and do not extend to all jiu-jitsu competitions. Other jiu-jitsu organizations continue to permit the use of lighter weight fabric, and the allowance of triangle patches remains unchanged.

We appreciate your ongoing support, and KNOXX wishes you a successful 2024! Roll With The Best and continue your Constant Pursuit for Gold... Gold Blooded!

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