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5 Tips For Parents to Help Their Kids Enjoy Jiu-Jitsu Even More

If you already signed up your little one in Jiu-Jitsu, congratulations! The gentle art is a great tool for children to develop their social skills, stay active, build self-steem and learn to deal with uncomfortable situations. Here are five tips for parents to help their kids enjoy Jiu=Jitsu even more.

1.Don’t get mad if when they lose

Master Carlos Gracie once said that in Jiu-Jitsu you either win or learn. Kids are in it to learn and failure is a big part of that process. Relax and be supportive so they will want to try again.

2.Don’t rush them

Every kid has a different learning curve. Every good instructor will tell you that. Believe them and don’t compare your kid’s knowledge stage with other kids.

3.It’s ok to lose interest

Kids will sometimes say they don’t want to go to class anymore. Don’t get mad at them. Try to find out what’s wrong and work with them to try to rekindle their interest for the art.

4.Don’t try to correct them

In competitions or in classes, resist the urge to coach and instruct your kid. That’s the Professor’s job. Two people yelling instructions will only confuse your kid.

5.Join them

If you can, jump in. Any activity, when shared, becomes more pleasurable. Find the time and put the gi on. With time, as they grow, you’ll be able to train together.

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