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Introducing KNOXX High Performance UV Protecting Fabric


This unique anti-bacterial fabric wicks away sweat and moisture, leaving you feeling fresh while providing abrasion resistance on the mats. The durable knitted material is buttery soft while promotes breathability, allowing air to circulate freely to keep you cool and comfortable at all times. This UV protecting fabric will also protect your skin from harmful UV rays when worn outdoors.



KNOXX "Year Of The Dragon" Jiu Jitsu Rashguard


Enter the Year of the Dragon!

As the mightiest animal in the Chinese zodiac, Dragons prefer to be leaders of groups. Being active and brave, dragon people are not afraid of challenges and always make every effort to achieve their goals. Therefore, most people born in the year of the dragon are successful in their fields.


Dragon people are aggressive, domineering, and have a high demand for work. As they always like to be the boss and want to control everything, dragon people are often said to be fond of the limelight.


It is a symbol of pride, ambition, and success, signifying that those who are born in this year are destined for greatness.


**Fully Sublimated

**No Cracking or Peeling

**Fully functional compression wear

**Breathable Material


Rashguards are slim fitting, if you prefer a slightly looser rashguard order one size larger than your normal tee shirt size.



A rash guard wicks sweat through its breathable polyester material, helping the sweat evaporate and keeping your body at a cool running temperature. Wearing a rash guard helps you avoid contracting potentially nasty ailments like ringworm and staph infection from mats. Rash guards also help you avoid mat burn on your elbows and other covered areas as they drag against the mat.100% PolyesterSizes Available: S-XXL

KNOXX Short Sleeve Performance Rashguard-"Year Of The Dragon" S/S

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