Essential Self-Care Tips for BJJ Students

BJJ is an intense workout involving both physical and mental demands. For many, it is an escape from the humdrum nature of the world and presents an opportunity for release from daily pressures. On your BJJ journey, you’ll soon realize self-care is essential for those learning this art form. Because you demand so much from your body, BJJ requires you to care for yourself, physically and mentally. Finding ways to practice self-care can seem daunting in an already busy schedule. Here are a few tried and true tips for self-care that will benefit all BJJ students: Commit to Care This may seem basic, but the first step to successful self-care is simply committing to the care. Developing a plan is

Jiu-Jitsu Is A Blessing To The Adulthood Social Life Struggle

When you’re a kid, friendships (or rather, the opportunities to make friendships) come easy. You’re constantly placed in different groups with your peers at school, daycare, and extra-curricular activities. Even though not all of these settings are specially designed to foster meaningful friendships (shout-out to math class for being a black hole for joy), many others encourage kids to play and talk together. For some, these opportunities extend into college, where students are further encouraged to join groups that interest them and immerse themselves in a very social environment. As an adult, though, these opportunities start to disappear, and thus, so do our social lives. For many adults

Way to go Jesiah Tubby

Congrats  to our young champ Jesiah Tubby @jesiah.tubby__ on his win at Fight2Win 98. Next mission to Brazil competing against the best in the world... 🇧🇷Brazil at Copa Podio Copa Podio 📷 @adamwjr
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